Ashley’s transformational talks

Ashley McGirt is a world renowned international speaker, author, and clinician. McGirt provides  transformational talks that focus on mental health, leadership, race and social justice. While Ashley is known for leading uncomfortable conversations around racial trauma she has special programs geared towards optimizing entrepreneurial mental health along with bridging the gap among technology and mental health. Ashley’s talks bring expertise and practical tools to your event or organization in ways that are relevant to the current culture. While her common speaking topics are listed below, she’s happy to speak on, moderate, put together a panel, or develop something specific based on your needs. Just reach out and let her know what you’re looking for by completing the BOOK NOW form!

Ashley will be featured on TedX SFU November, 9th in Vancouver, BC giving her first Ted talk

VIDEO REEL-As a result of Ashley's transformational talks men and women are able to learn about true self care, mental health, racial & intergenerational trauma, along with women and entrepreneurship concerns.



As seen on q13

King County hosted a series of gun violence forums and one of the topics of discussion was the effect of gun violence on families where Ashley discussed the psychological toll that gun violence has on individuals.

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Racial Trauma

Staying Sane in a racist world

How racism impacts our Mental Health

Emotional Emancipation Circles

Self Care-

Self care for leaders

Self care for caregivers

Treat yourself unapologetically

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Signature talks & KEYNOTES

Mental Health

Mental Health and Tech

Mental Health and Entrepreneurship (Description below)

Mental Illness within the Black  community

Mental Health 101 ( Interventions and Resources )

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Mental Health & Entrepreneurship

  • Why entrepreneurs are particularly vulnerable to mental health challenges

  • Key factors in mental health and how to begin optimizing

  • Personal exploration into barriers to mental health and next steps

Braving it

  • Myths about confidence and what you actually need to follow your dreams

  • Where your fear originates, and how to not let it get in the way of your success

  • How to bounce back from mistakes, failures, rejetions and heart breaks

  • How to begin cultivating emotional intelligence and a healthy relationship to yourself - the foundation of courage and resilience.

ground breaking Workshops


Ashley has designed and implemented a number of groundbreaking transformational workshops for retreats, schools and universities, corporate work parties, summits, and more!


Unpacking Baggage (Includes a copy of the best selling book, “I tried to travel it away”

Geared to expose you to learning and understanding more about the development and impact of trauma, while providing tools to unpack the baggage associated with intergenerational traumatic stressors.

Individuals will create a trauma genome and identify which trauma theme has been prevalent in their family as well as identify ways to break free generational curses.

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Breaking Free from Trauma Bonds

Designed to help participants free themselves and recover from, exploitive relationships, processes, and situations. You will learn key  steps to recovering from a toxic trauma bond.

The goals of this intensive workshop are to:

  • Recognize, acknowledge and develop insights about situations, people and processes that are exploitive in nature.

  • Break through denial, identify signs that a betrayal bond exists, and grieve losses.

  • Explore the root causes of one’s involvement in relationships, situations and processes that are destructive to them.

  • Identify key elements that drive the cycle of abuse, betrayal of trust and power.

  • Learn about the psychodynamic and neurobiological concepts behind exploitive situations and relationships.

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