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My purpose in life is to help you discover and live YOUR purpose in life. I know all too well how debilitating mental illness or mental illness like symptoms can be. Knowing and understanding your purpose is what ensures happiness, peace, joy, and the wholeness that we all seek. It makes the world a much better place when everyone is able to fully express who they are at their core.

I also recognize that many of us are not in crisis, but need that extra guidance to help get through the day to days of life. I am very intuitive and have an uncanny ability to both recognize one's strength and show you how to use them to overcome your barriers. 


My practice is person centered and tailored to meet the individual needs of each client. I use a holistic and interactive- multicultural approach that focuses on the needs of people of color. I work to break down oppressive systems and generational curses that have had a strong impact on one's mental health. Through the course of my work I utilize an anti-oppressive psycho therapeutic approach to healing. At my practice  we work toward empowered healing, changing negative behaviors, and thoughts. I believe an integrative psychotherapy approach is necessary including a broad array of modalities: solution focused therapy, strengths based therapy,  dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT),  and cognitive behavioral therapy. 




-Racial Trauma

-Multicultural issues (acculturation, immigration, stereotypes)

-Grief & Loss


-Suicidal ideation


-Stress management

-Conflict resolution

-Life Coaching

-Career counseling

-Personal & health issues

-Senior Services

-Adjusting to change/Life transitions